Transformative Equine-Assisted Services

At Selah Mountain Ranch, our Christian-rooted mission seeks to employ the transformative power of equine-assisted services, particularly for individuals grappling with PTSD. Horses, God’s magnificent creatures, possess an innate sensitivity that resonates with these young souls. As these children and adults connect with the horses, they experience a sense of calm, trust, and non-judgment, which is vital for healing. This bond facilitates rebuilding trust, often eroded due to traumatic experiences. The rhythmic movement of riding, combined with the horse’s responsive nature, allows one to regulate emotions, enhance self-awareness, and foster a deepened connection with God. Through the grace of the Lord and the therapeutic embrace of these equine companions, Selah Mountain Ranch will offer a sanctuary where trauma is transformed into hope, healing, and spiritual renewal.

Change Lives with Your Generosity!

To make this vision come to life, we rely on your generosity. We’re diligently preparing the ranch, and with your contribution, we can extend the healing embrace of equine-assisted services to those in need.